Wednesday, 8 January 2014



During my time in Dubai, I embarked on an Instagram challenge introduced to me by one of my yogi students from Lembeh days - Imi. It was a 10 day challenge with a different theme each day which allowed you to pick your yoga pose according to what that theme meant for you. 

One of my all time favorite yogis in the World - Kathryn Budig - is the creative genius behind both the "Aim True" theme, and the Instagram challenge itself :) 

I absolutely loved it, and am sure I can vouch for Imi also in saying how much we both needed that challenge right then. Don't they say "you are exactly where you are meant to be right now"? Haha! Well we both needed it to ground us a little, and bring us back into our yoga practice on a daily and newly refreshed and committed level. It worked :) Dubai was all about the yoga for me! 

Check out my contributions to the challenge below :) 

DAY ONE of the Aim True Challenge on Instagram theme - "Enpower" After 115 days of the handstand365 challenge I feel absolutely amazing when I'm on my hands with my feet in the air!!

DAY TWO of Aim True Challenge - Challenge! It's taken me forever to be able to lift my head and unless I practice this pose frequently I lose it so quickly. Taken at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

DAY THREE of aim true challenge! A pose that comforts you  Hero pose! I can easily fall asleep in this class in yin yoga! Love it! Photo taken by Tracy in a local park outside of Hatfield, South Africa

DAY FOUR of the #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. Theme today is community! Here's my contribution done with @athomeintheclouds from other sides of the world! We used to be yogis together in Lembeh and I got the pleasure of teaching Imi and watching her open up her body beyond belief! We still help each other remotely and for that I am eternally grateful. 

DAY FIVE of #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. Today's theme is including your environment in your yoga. So I'm using the rail on the balcony of my friend Russell's apartment to balance myself in half moon pose! He didn't like me playing with yoga poses on the balcony of his 19th floor apartment lol! But check out the view!! To the left is the tallest building in the world - Burj Al Khalifa.

Day 6 of the #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. Theme is no stretchy pants which means staying away from our yoga clothes and dressing up for the occasion! Dress designed by the lovely Kathryn in India, made in Vietnam, and worn to my friends wedding in South Africa 

DAY SEVEN of the #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. The theme is embarrassing!! Picking a photo of yourself that you would ordinarily delete the second your camera captures it!! This is me falling elegantly out of handstand during the handstand 365 challenge!! Could I call this a one handed handstand perhaps lol?!

DAY EIGHT of the #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. The theme is a photo of something that you love doing besides yoga. This is just so easy for me to answer - diving of course!! 

Diving is my meditation, my quiet place, my happy place. I am never calmer or more at ease than on my yoga mat or underwater  Diving has been part of my life for many years, including a long period working as a divemaster in Asia. It has quickly become a vital part of my World as I know it and featurea heavily during my current travel adventures! Smiles!

This photo was taken recently in Lembeh by the lovely Markko who taught me how to dive on sidemount, something I immediately loved  

DAY NINE of the #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. Theme today is to pick a pose that you once felt was impossible and now is a regular part of your practice - your YES I CAN pose!!! Mine is scorpion! @nielleekat can vouch for how in India in April I couldn't even balance on my forearms with straight legs without fear of falling and breaking my back. How we used to practice that pose over and over lol!! Now with steady determination scorpion features regularly in my practice! I still like the wall to be nearby but I can comfortably jump up into it now! Practice, practice, practice...oh and a lot of patience Actually perhaps my stubborn streak featured in my successfully cracking this pose too - one of my male yogi students in Lembeh jumped up into this pose on his first attempt and I thought to myself, right time to get practicing again Caroline! Off I went to my room, rolled out my mat and so it began...

FINAL DAY of the #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. Today's theme is what does Aim True mean to you. 

To me aim true means being determined, driven and proud to be following your dreams. Comfortable in your own skin, and getting closer every day to the person you were born to be. I've been on this wonderful travel adventure for 8 months trying to find the real me and I feel so close right now. For me aim true is staying true to yourself, believing in yourself, trusting yourself. I chose the super pose Visvamitrasana because it is named after an ambitious king who transformed himself into a yogic sage. It's a complex asana - it's an arm balance, hip opener, shoulder opener, hamstring stretch and more all at once! Life takes you in many different directions but being able to focus your body and mind and heart and stay grounded is so important in this journey. With dedication all of the seemingly separate body parts and actions come together and the energy of the pose comes to life! 

This Aim True Challenge was just perfect for me. It brought me right back to my yoga mat, giving me  drive, a focus and a sense of purpose in a challenging time mentally for me. Thank you to Kathryn Budig :) 

<3 <3